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Important Dates

We have exciting things happening this month! September 14: Mandatory Senior/Parent Meeting. September 16: Game Night. September 23 and 24: Parent/Teacher Collaboration. We hope to see you at these events. #GoDragons!

Schedule Change

ATTENTION: Due to conflicting schedules we had to move the Mandatory Senior/Parent Meeting to Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 7:00pm. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. We look forward to seeing you there! #GoDragons!

Associates Degrees

One-fifth of the students at Bingham Academy are halfway to their goal of obtaining their Associates Degree. They are spending extra time with Early College Program Advisors to outline a successful pathway towards their individual goals. #GoDragons!

CEI Early College Program Advisors

Dual credit students at Bingham Academy meet CEI Early College Program Advisors. Over 1/3 of the Bingham Academy students are currently enrolled in college courses (at CEI and ISU). This is part of Bingham Academy's College and Career Readiness program. #GoDragons!

Ms. Breshears Physics Class

Physics students embark on an Engineering challenge in their Physics class with Ms. Breshears. This is part of Bingham Academy's STEM connections and applications. #GoDragons!

New BA Signage

Bingham Academy's two new signs. People need to know there is a choice on where and how they educate their high schoolers in Bingham County.

Game Night!

We have a Game Night coming up! Thursday at the school from 4-7pm. We hope to see you there! #GoDragons!

Online and On Campus Options

As of right now, Bingham Academy has Online and On Campus options for our students. We ask that you consider your options carefully and do what is best for your students. #GoDragons.

Happy Labor Day!

From our family to yours, we hope your Labor Day is enjoyable and relaxing! #GoDragons!

Introducing our New Math Teacher

My name is Julie Reber Duffield. I love Math, Chemistry, speaking German, chess, and music. I really love helping students realize they can solve tough problems, and think about their future. I am also passionate about living debt free, being prepared for setbacks, and being healthy. We adopted our 5th child with autism just before the COVID lockdowns in 2020. For my 25th wedding anniversary this summer, I got to go to Mesa Falls! I absolutely love Idaho. #GoDragons!
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