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Welcome to Bingham Academy! There is a lot to know about our school, so we hope you'll give us the chance to quickly introduce ourselves. Stay awhile, explore, and learn more about the amazing things we're doing right here in rural Idaho. Go Dragons!

Latest News

Graduation Ceremony with Dr. Harris and Royce

Class of 2024 Graduation Ceremony Photos

Parents and Graduates:

What an accomplishment! You made it. I am so proud of you for finishing high school. What a way to prove to the world you are ready to push forward and work hard. Wow.

If you remember, we had a photographer at the graduation ceremony that took many candids, as well as, captured the moment of handing you the diploma. Our photographer graciously provided her services free of charge. I wish to share the photos with you so that you can commemorate the event and share it with your family and friends for years to come.

Please follow this link and you will be able to access the photo album.

Again, I express my appreciation and recognize your hard work. Remember to step forward boldly. You are stronger than you think.
Drawing blood on fake arms.

Blood Drawing

In Ms. Kasper's Medical Assisting clinical class. The students were putting their skills to practice by doing blood draws on adult and infant practice arms. They really like the realistic hands on activities and this one is always a favorite. #GoDragons
Look for our new sign as you visit or drive by the Plaza! #GoDragons!

New Sign!

Look for our new sign as you visit or drive by the Plaza! #GoDragons!
Medical Fieldtrip

Medical Fieldtrip

Ms. Kasper's class went on a field trip today to Idaho State University's biology department and the cadaver lab.
The students were able to check out the Anatomage table and tour the cadaver lab where they had access to view and touch cadaver organs and cadaver bodies.
Such a very awesome experience a huge thank you to ISU for being so welcoming and sharing their wealth of knowledge with our students.
Afterwards we have lunch at Pizza Pie Cafe and went to Geronimo's to work on some team building activities and have some fun.


Idaho Day

Location: Bingham Academy, 1350 Parkway Dr. Suite #18, Blackfoot, ID 83221, USA

About Us

Bingham Academy is an Idaho public charter high school that:

1. is completely free to attend.
2. is the first Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) certified in Idaho.
3. offers its students in person college courses on its campus in Blackfoot. 
4. offers two Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways: pre-engineering and Certified Medical Assisting.
5. offers one CTE cluster in computer science and programming.
As you can see, there's more to Bingham Academy than meets the eye.