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BA's Qubit Queens is an all-girl computer science club dedicated to exploring the various aspects of computer science:  from coding to cybersecurity to robotics. It was created as an effort to open doors of opportunity for young women to explore computer science while in high school. Girls represent 57% of all undergraduate degrees, but only 18% of computer and information sciences degrees. For this reason we work together to not only provide greater exposure to computer science; but to do so while strengthening their interests and confidence in the area.
Currently the girls are competing in the CyberStart America program. Two of our girls have qualified for the national competition that will be held the first week of April.
We wish to express our gratitude to the INL Coding Coalition for their support of our QQs. Without their support, many of our activities would not have been possible. Thank you!
CyberStart America is a free, immersive online learning resource for students in the US, acting as an onramp to a career in one of the world's fastest-growing industries. Through gamified learning, students can progress from zero knowledge of cybersecurity through to being proficient in offensive and defensive cybersecurity techniques, Python programming, digital forensics and more.
This program provides an opportunity to "Discover how exciting and meaningful work in cybersecurity and computer science can be with our addictive and fun game." Students will "have a go at real-world cyber attacks, learning how cybersecurity experts play a vital role in protecting our hospitals, banks, army, and police services." Students who participate in CyberStart will essentially get to act as protection agents "solving real problems that come up when an attack happens," he explains. Players can expect to learn skills including Linux and Windows programming, forensics, and cryptography, all within the context of a realistic, continuous story setting. Videos and hints within the game are available to help students if they get stuck. Overall, the competition measures students' curiosity, tenacity, and ability to learn new things quickly.