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About Bingham Academy

Bingham Academy is a small, rural charter high school located in Blackfoot, ID. We began in August of 2014 and have served students, their families, and our community ever since. Bingham Academy immediately went through the high school accreditation process earning accreditation on schedule in 2016. A Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) school, Bingham Academy was the first high school in Idaho to receive AdvancEd/Cognia STEM certification and State Board of Education's official STEM designation (2018). 
One of the imperatives of Bingham Academy's charter is to work with students to help them earn an Associate of Arts degree while still in high school. To accomplish this, Bingham Academy offers a number of college classes on its campus in Blackfoot. These range from pre-engineering and nursing courses to mathematics and English general education courses. We also work with students assisting them in taking classes at our local community college (College of Eastern Idaho) and/or Idaho State University. Idaho supports these high school students with funds to pay for these classes. Learn more about these opportunities HERE
The school has two full Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways and one CTE cluster. The two pathways are: pre-engineering and Certified Medical Assisting (CMA). In the engineering program, we utilize hardware such as drones, Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines, 3D printers, and VEX robotics for hands on experiences. On the software side, students can learn AutoCAD, Fusion 360, Inventor, and more. The CMA program is offered through the College of Eastern Idaho on our campus right here in Blackfoot. The CTE cluster is computer science/programming taught in our state of the art computer lab. The school also provides students with a way to get Microsoft certified in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel 2019. 
Bingham Academy offers a number of clubs and extra-curricular activities. We have a girls only coding club called Qubit Queens, an eSports club, and more. We offer in house drivers education including both the classroom and the driving portions of the class. And there's still more to tell! As an Idaho public school, our students are also eligible to play sports and participate in other activities at the other local high schools. 
If you're interested in learning more about Bingham Academy and how we can serve you or your student, please contact us at: 208-557-4003 or by email at: [email protected].
Chad Harris, PhD
Chief Administrator