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Happy Easter!

Hoping your Easter celebration is sweeter than a marshmallow Peep and brighter than the spring sunshine...when it arrives. #GoDragons!

Oral Health Presentation

Today (3/10/22) ISU dental hygiene students and the Southeastern Idaho Public Health Program Coordinator provided oral health education at Bingham Academy.

Scale Model Theater

In 12th Grade, after watching some of Shakespeare's plays, the students built a scale model of a theater.
They were given measurements in feet and inches and had to use an architectural ruler to determine which scale to use to create their theatre.
After they create the theater we can start thinking about how the play could be presented and they can look at stage design as well. #GoDragons!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

May luck and good fortune surround you like the leaves of a four-leaf clover. Happy St. Patrick's Day! #GoDragons!

Spot My Bus

Spot my bus is coming soon! Very convenient and free to use. You will be able to track your child's bus at all times.

No School

Reminder: No School on Monday, February 21, 2022 due to Presidents' Day! #GoDragons!

Associates Degrees

One-fifth of the students at Bingham Academy are halfway to their goal of obtaining their Associates Degree. They are spending extra time with Early College Program Advisors to outline a successful pathway towards their individual goals. #GoDragons!
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